Google to Launch New Version of Google Plus For Android 2018


Google plus

Google Plus New Update 

Google is work on a different version of Google Plus for Android, which is alleged to be quality new and totally reworks.

Confer with Google Plus builder, Leo Deegan, the new Google Plus is set to be discharged within the next several days. While it will mirror the current application in arrival, it sounds like a lot of technical revolution have been made under the hood.

this new version is the completion of a full rewrite of many cores features work Google’s latest Android application framework which will allow our Android team to build new features on a stylish tech stack

In inclusion to core features being reworked, some subtle updates have been added counting:


  • Improved stream rendering and scrolling
  • Redesigned photo lightbox
  • Swipe up to leave a comment
  • Grey-spammed comments now viewable by post authors

google plus

Google admits there are a few accepted arguments that are still being created on, which is to be normal with a complete rewrite. The new Google+ app should be feasible on Android in the next few days.




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