Google Organic Search Sees Largest Growth Rate in Over 2 Years REPORT 2018


Organic Search

Organic Search Growth

Organic search just saw its active visit growth in over 2 years confer to Merkle’s Digital Marketing detail for Q4 2017.

Full site visits driven by the organic search were up 6% year-over-year in the portion fourth of 2017, which is said to be the secure rate of success since 2015. Even laptop organic search visits were up in Q4 2017, following a sharp drop last year.

Organic Mobile Search Growth

When watching at mobile organic search exactly, it saw an even greater rate of success at 15% year-over-year. The mobile search market is primarily commanding by Google, at least in the US. Google alleged 96% of all site visits driven by mobile organic search in Q4 2017.

Mobile formed 56% of all organic site visits from Google in Q4, which well raises any of Google’s top competition. Mobile alleged for 42% of organic site visits from Bing, and 18% from Yahoo.

Organic Search Not Growing As Fast As Other Channels

Google Organic Search

All organic search visits driven by Google were up 8% year-up -year—computing for 92% of organic search visits in Q4 2017. During the same time cycle, the growth of paid search clicks released from 19% year-over-year to just 8%

Despite the success place by organic search in the final fourth of 2017, there was a recession in the overall share of site visits composed by organic search. Merkle detail that social, email, and display advertising all delivered stronger success in Q4.

Organic Search vs Social Media

Google Organic Search

The share of site visits composed by organic search was 24% in Q4 2017, down 2% from the preceding year but still way along of site visits composed by social media. Social media platforms composed just 3.3% of all site visits in Q4 2017.



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