Instagram New Feature Carousel Ads in Stories 2018



Hello everybody today we are energized by a new post. In this post, we will tell you that a new update has come in the Instagram. What new teachers have come in this post will talk in this post and this feature is exactly like WhatsApp Let’s know.

Instagram Ads Stories

There are a new ad unit stories on the Instagram, now advertisers can go through three pieces of stories

Stories in Instagram will be similar to the story you posted, in many pieces of media, people can swipe back and forth through their hands and the object can be stopped

Instagram ads seointown

In the Instagram, the first stories of advertisements are limited to a video and picture. Now the same type of media can be shown in both combinations.

It enhances your canvas size so advertisers can do their work while telling your story And this is the same advertisement appearing in three parts, three different slideshows that highlight your features, great for new opportunities

Announcements will be announced for the stories on your Instagram when the Hydola advertisement is available




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