New Update Bing Webmaster Tools Now Has a Social Login Option 2018


Bing Webmaster 

Bing Webmaster Tools has grown its login means with a social login option. This is being coiled out today to site holder in the United States

Social login is said to be one of the top needed features for Bing Webmaster Tools. It set up the customer to sign-in with their Facebook or Google account.

Sign in 

Bing Webmaster

This is an extension of what was before handy. Current users do not have to start signing in another way, and new customer will still have the option to use a Microsoft account if they wish. Still, the social login feature is helpful for those who do not have a Microsoft account.

After signing into Bing Webmaster Tools, any emails sent by the podium will be sent to the address combine with that special account. So if a customer signs-in with their Facebook account, emails from Bing Webmaster Tools will be sent to the address combined with the Facebook account.



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