Advertise on Facebook : Step by Step Guide


Your Facebook ad creatives and copywriting are among the best ad components that choose whether your ad battle succeeds. Depending on the ad inventive you use, there can be a 100% or higher contrast between various ads’ CPC (taken a toll for every snap) and CPA (cost-per-acquisition). Consumer Acquisition even found that pictures are in charge of 75%-90% of ad execution. So you better influence your ad to plan (and ad duplicate) work.

How to Set Up Your Facebook Ad Creatives

In the battle creation stage, you can choose between a few kinds of ad creatives, contingent upon your crusade objective.

In the battle creation stage, you can choose between a few kinds of ad creatives, contingent upon your crusade objective.

To select ad images, you have three options:

  • Upload a picture from your computer
  • Browse your library to reuse a picture you had previously uploaded
  • Find images in the free stock images database

On account of an organization amongst Facebook and the picture bank Shutterstock, you can approach a large number of stock pictures for nothing! It’s imperative to every now and again revive the pictures of your ads, so clients continue considering them to be crisp and appealing. Having the capacity to instantly discover and utilize new pictures for nothing is extremely valuable (and will spare you a great deal of cash).

In any case, remember that these free pictures are accessible to all Facebook advertisers, implying that the majority of these pictures are utilized crosswise over a great many ad battles. In the event that conceivable, dependably utilize unique pictures for your ad.

Facebook Ad Design Best Practices

To enable you to make winning ad creatives that will bring you clicks at a low CPC, we made a rundown our most loved Facebook ad configuration hacks.

To create beautiful Facebook ad designs, you have to:
  • Keep your ads bright, with the goal that they’ll instantly get consideration
  • Place your principle incentive in the ad picture, with the goal that individuals will read it perfectly fine observe your ad
  • Make ads that stand out from the newsfeed
  • Utilize the correct picture measure (1200 x 628 pixels), with the goal that your ad creatives look great on each screen

The Ad Copy

Your ad duplicate is the second most essential piece of your Facebook ads, directly after the ad picture. The ad duplicate should first catch an ad watcher’s advantage and afterward persuade them to make a move, e.g. make a buy.

Your Facebook ads have numerous fields where you can put content:

  • The main ad text – up to 90 characters (up to 500 for News Feed Ads with AdEspresso)
  • Headline –  up to 25 characters
  • Link description – up to 90 characters

It’s a smart thought to have a few distinct headlines and portrayals ready before you begin making your ad. This will make it less demanding for you to discover something you like instead of influencing it to up on the spot.

As should be obvious, you have some more alternatives accessible when managing News Feed and Mobile Ads, contrasted with the great Right Column Ads. Most importantly, you can pick an “Invitation to take action” catch among those offered by Facebook. These catches have ended up being extremely successful to expand the active clicking factor. On the off chance that they fit your item, we firmly advise you to utilize them.

Keep in mind, keep your ad duplicate short and greatly clear. Here, the objective isn’t offering. It’s tied in with persuading clients to tap into the ad to find more. Endeavor to be infectious and plainly disclose to clients why they should click. Offering rebates and complimentary gifts normally help. Nonetheless, be mindful so as not to draw in an excessive number of modest snaps that won’t change over.

How to Set Up Your Facebook Ad Copy

Setting up your ad duplicate is super simple. You should simply enter a message in the correct fields.

You’ll likewise observe a see of your ad crusade. In case you’re trying numerous ad pictures or wish to perceive how your ad looks on changed screens (Desktop versus Portable), you can do as such by choosing different perspectives from the two menus featured in the picture beneath.

You have three options when it comes where your Facebook Ads will show up: the News Feed, Mobile, and right segment.

Numerous advertisers accept right segment ads are a misuse of cash since they don’t execute and additionally News Feed ads. Be that as it may, right side ads are moderately shabby and you’ll never know which ad write is best for your battle without testing. Try them out.

Something else to remember is portable focusing on. A few advertisers wrongly send clients who click portable ads to non-versatile streamlined sites. Only utilize versatile advertising if your site is portable friendly otherwise you’ll squander heaps of cash since Facebook versatile produces loads of snaps.

Expelling an objective is truly straightforward. While making an ad,  you’ll have three tabs to check a review of it in the three accessible arrangements. Toward the finish of every arrangement’s tab, you have an “Evacuate” connect. Simply click it to debilitate an arrangement



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