Awesome Update And Bad Update For YouTube Creators 2018


YouTube Update seointown

If you are a YouTube creator, read this post carefully. Once again, YouTube has launched an update which can be beneficial to you and harmful, and the one who is the greatest member of YouTube’s analytics -I have said that I will give you a link to this post and bring a new thing to it

Click Thru Rate

CTR seointownInside your YouTube analytics page, you will get a new type of discovery. Within this, you will get this feature.

This CTR will decide whether to punish you or to give you a reward. You may have a good news for it.

You may also be full of sorrow if you are caught while weighing the click and you do not need to tell the public.

Now YouTube has become smart and catch your click bat and punishes you. And which will CTR or Google AdSense but your YouTube Analytics


impressions youtube seointownThis will not be your ad’s impression but you will have your video and thermal impressions so that you can find out how often your video and your channel are being viewed on your channel or in someone else’s video.

Sources Youtube Channels Creator Insider


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