Best Chrome Extensions Let You Track Your Gmail


This mail tracking is free and double check path in Google Inbox for unlimited use

A little detail information about it

Mail tracking tool is a chrome extension. It is a mail tracking extension for inbox. It helps you to know whether someone you’ve sent email sent to you is not exactly like Whatsapp Mail Tracker Extension adds a double check route to your Gmail This is the free tool of Chrome Web so that you can easily track your mail
Can see in the photo below

Email Tracking for Your Gmail and Inbox

You can see which email has been read, how long or how often it has been viewed.
This will not tension you whether your mail has been read or not

Inbox Mail Tracking Free

  • Daily Email Tracking Report
  • Inbox Gender Tracking
  • reminder

About Mail Tracking Pro

  • Unlimited features on Mail Tracking Pro
  • No Advertisement
  • 24 Hours Support
  • Send mail tracker data to your software


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