Best Tips For Building Your YouTube Channel


1 Define your goal to get the channel’s growth

2 Name the category on which the channel creates the same related name

3 Attract your thumbnails so that your videos are definitely worth watching and you canva online software for this

4 Do not make your video even bigger

5 The quality of your video looks good

6 Use Good Camera for this you can Canon EOS 70D Camera

7 Use a Good Mic so that your voice can be clearer

8 Take a nice Tripod for your camera

9 Use a Good Light setup for video quality

10 Collab with Big YouTuber

11 A good intro with your video is early and people know  that our video like to subscribe to share and there is no question then post a comment to

12 The categories of YouTube channel is the categories of the LOGO you create and an intro video create

13 Do not use copyrighted items in your video that strike  your video If you have to use those items then ask their master once

14 Before uploading the video, read the YouTube Policy

15 Make your title and description as SEO friendly

16 Use good software for video editing, for this you can use Hit Film Express and Filmora Wondershare

17 Put the good tag in your video, put the tag of your channel in it and also your name

18 To boost your YouTube video, SEO it. You can use Vidiq  for this. This is a very good Google Chrome extension.

19 Sometimes giveaway for your fans this will increase your subscribers

20 Please answer your fancy comment

21 Ask your fans what videos they want on a topic. You  make videos on them and put them on YouTube

22 Also use laughing funny videos

23 Use the Eye button to do this you can also show them   the old video

24 Use Voting Option also this option is on YouTube

25 Use good effects and lower third in your video

26 Try not to live up to YouTube on the day you were unable to post the video for your fan, or do a live video once every single week

27 Make great blogs and put them on your YouTube videos

28 Share your created video to all social media and insert links to social media on your YouTube in the description

29 Create a website with the name of your YouTube channel and also insert your video on it, it will double your benefit and also SEO it

30 Put a good YouTube WordPress Themes on your website

31 Use YouTube WordPress Plugins to make good YouTube videos

32 If you want to earn money other than YouTube, then join affiliate marketing and insert the link in your YouTube description.

33 Unboxing on the category of your channel on YouTube and link its link to your description.

34 Must be sure to show the old video a few seconds before the end of the video. This option is on YouTube subscribe and press the bull icon button.

35 Finish your video with a good intro







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