How to Create Excellent QR Code for Digital Business


In this post, we will tell you how you can make QR codes for your business. You must have seen an item or anything on which a picture code is made, it is a QR code and you must have thought about how it is formed. In this post, we are going to tell this. QR code is very much for digital business. It is useful. In today’s era, every big businessman QR code will be created for his company, whether it is a QR code Visiting card or any other item, at this time QR code is of great importance And then you will nowadays QR code, you will find I QR code from food to clothes which let us learn to make QR code

Open Website 

First, you go to the website and you will see this window. you may be seeing lost of categories forms the 1 data type, such as YouTube, Facebook, TwitterInstagram, Digital Business Card etc.

Put URL in The URL Box

I am creating QR code of my website seoitown, first, go to 1 data type, select the website URL, then go to 2. contact, past your website URL go to number 3. and select the color of your QR code download your QR code




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