Excellent SEO Tips To Boost Your App Download 2018


App Name And Keywords

Put the keyword you have set in your title first and this will increase 15% consecutive ranking

App Name Format

To boost your app, have a short name and sweet name and also add your keyword to it.

App Name Length

The app’s name is limited to up to 30 characters in Android and iPhone enter your keyword and use brand name

App Subtitle

The name of the subtitle in Android and iPhone limited to 50 characters. keep a small and sweet name. if you can also insert your keyword into any brand application.

App Description And Keywords

Enter a cute description and tell people what you are providing, enter your keyword and also enter your brand name and sent a message to your customer

App Icon

Design your app icon. keep your app icon designed so that people can be printed in the eyes design your icon which shows the brand

App Screenshots

Show a screenshot of your app to people, tell customer in your screenshot what services you are offering them

App Preview Video

Make a video for your app that video must be appealing exactly so that people download your apps should not be too big

App Updates

Try updating your apps periodically to bring something new

App Store Ratings – Reply To Reviews

To get more downloads for your app, get more reviews and your customer so that they realize that this brand is good enough




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