Facebook New Update Ends News Feed Test How this Impacts Public Pages


facebook new update seointown

Facebook has made a new announcement, now Facebook is ending the News Feed Test. Facebook was given the option to choose two options, a feed dedicated to friends and family and for other feed public pages, this business is very much for other people and now The bad news that has reduced the level of traffic
Facebook has started this test since 2017. Facebook has now been designed to help friends and family to show in the feed but people have indicated that it is less satisfied with their feed

What This Means for Businesses with Facebook Pages

Now confirm by Facebook now it will release with the new algorithm you see on Facebook how Facebook’s new algorithm works for traffic-dependent businesses.

Will Facebook’s New Algorithm Revert Back?

We are likely to bring a new feed algorithm in Facebook, and the continuation of the news feed algorithm on friends and family, and posted by those friends to increase the news
Whom you care for
So it is decided that now Facebook will be present with a new algorithm but I will not return with the old algorithm but will return only with the algorithm in one. It will be the first update as soon as we will inform you through this post.


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