Google Android P Developer Preview Top New Features in Android P


google android p seointown

Hello, Guys, Android p developer preview has arrived. In this post, I’m going to tell you what the features are going to come on Android p

It is not yet decided what will be its full name but it is being told that the name will start with Android P. I would also like to tell you which number will not be with the angle 9.1 Let’s know which features Are there

Indoor position

Indoor position seointownThis is a wonderful picture that has been tried to make your GPS even better and you will get support here. Where would you find the protocol 8.20 MC of WIFI here RRT will be if you are in a mall Or is there a place where you are very much in

If you are in a market, we have to see what your project position is, then you can see it with help or you are in a big market and you have to see which product is there in it, then you can see it with its help.

Notch Support

Notch Support seointownThis feature has also been seen in the iPhone and now this feature is also coming out on Android p. Notch Support Someone younger is someone’s wife or someone’s bigger. This feature will be available in the default Android p, which will be developed on the table. He will be able to develop you well with this feature and he will be able to further improve his layout.

Battery notifications

Battery notifications seointownIn reply to the message in Batter notification, you will get a refresher message here that if you send a photo other than what your old messages are, then you can see it in direct notifications and also the icons etc. have been corrected.

Multiple camera support

Multiple camera support seointownWith the help of multiple camera support, you can work with all the cameras simultaneously if you have to use front camera and back camera together, then you can use it with this picture

HDR VP9 HEIF support

HDR VP9 HEIF support seointownFrom the screen feature, you will be able to get your captured images more stunning, or you will not have to compile your image with the help of a third party school

Unified Fingerprint Authentication

Unified Fingerprint Authentication seointownWith this help you can make your application even more secure from your fingerprint this feature was also on the iPhone, now it is also coming in Android


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