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Mobile Speed seointownHello everybody In this post, I will tell you that Google has introduced two new tools so that you can sharpen your website in your webmaster Speed Scorecard and Impact Calculator.

Speed Scorecard

This Google Speed Scorecard Tool is good with tools from other companies. You can compare your mobile website page; It is able to analyze the speed of thousands of websites from another website.

To use the Speed Scorecard, you can insert your URL into it and submit young juices to others to compromise your website.


google tools seointown

Google Speed up your 3G speed on your 3G connection for 5 seconds, your 3G speed on your 4G connection

Impact Calculator

According to your website Google, loading time can be a one-second horizon, so Google started calculator, which measures your mobile website page calculator

It can start using Google’s impact calculator tool by manually inputting some humans

To use this tool, learn the slider on the left side to increase your site by up to a few seconds faster, this tool will look at which side of your speed

google tools seointown


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