Google Opinion Rewards Surveys Android And I Phone Platform


Google opinion Rewords


Today, we are going to talk about such a topic. After knowing about that topic, you will very much like it. Today we are going to tell a post that will give you money Google’s product. Through this, you can use the Play Store You can buy all the pad application,  Yes, Google has launched a product called Google Opening Reward. This is where you are asked for some surveys that you have done on the Pad Product Google’s product that survey that has Used are asking here is you get money for every survey

Open Account

Google opning rewords

First, you need to download this application from the play store and create an account on your mobile.

Compleated Survey

google opning rewords

When your account is created then you will get a survey from Google. You will get some money when you give an answer to some survey and you can buy money from them.

As you are seeing on the screen below that some surveys have been done and the results of those surveys are showing below you




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