How can You do an image submission in SEO ?


Image submission in SEO simply means leaving images related to your website in different image submission or sharing sites. Image submission involves choosing the right image, file format, alternate text, and image description.

There are two ways in which you can make image submission.

  • Posting images on your website
  • Submitting or posting images in Image Submission Sites

SEO for Website Images

It is important that images used in web content be optimized for search engine crawlers to recognize. Image Submission is the way of submit or post your website related images with url on other websites.

Here i will show you how to submit images of your websites and how to create report for your client. Some photo submission websites are given below;

To submit images to these sites, just create an account and start posting your images. These sites will let you upload images that can be shared by people within the network. This is also an excellent opportunity to add website links to your images and generate traffic.

Images are as important as the text content of your website. Using high-quality images that are related to your page topic is a good SEO strategy that will help boost your site’s online visibility.



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