New UpDate Google Engineer Issues Warning About Google Crawler

Google Engineer Issues Warning About Google Crawler seointownToday I will tell you in this post that some announcements have been issued from Google and what things have been discussed, let us know in this post.
Google has notified web publishers clearly to announce that CSS does not support custom properties. Google engineers have said crawler chrome, chrome 41 old, which is providing the site from date of March 15
One of the great reasons for this is that Google’s crawler web page will no longer be able to show properly, Google may reverse your site if the web page does not raid properly.

What is Custom CSS Properties?

Custom CSS is a useful technique that is used in designing a website Custom CSS advantage is that the code has a light footprint

Left Hand Unaware of What’s Right Hand’s Doing?

Google engineer wrote an article to promote its properties in CSS custom, in 2015 it was not uncommon
The teams of AdSense and search engine search encouraged to do all those things which were in the barriers of the team today, between them there is no such case between the two teams.
But there can be a case in it that the crawler team is running behind the Chrome team, the crawler team has fallen behind them and who supports the lion
However, it should be said that Google’s crawler supports all existing standards. CSS custom properties are not standard but experimental. Even so, the industry is moving forward with this technology, so it may be necessary to catch the Google crawler team.
But Google’s crawler respects all the current standards
CSS is a custom standard but experimental because the technology is growing so that it can be very necessary to catch the Google crawler team.

How Widely Accepted Are CSS Custom Properties?

Many major websites have encouraged publishers to use CSS custom properties, including smashing magazines, it is time to use CSS custom properties, but approval by Google



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