Optimized Your Videos Step by Step with us


Here we discus all tips; how to increase organic traffic on YouTube video. To make visible your video on search engine you need to optimize your video

Onsite Factors

Factor that affect Your Video Ranking

  • Title of video:Give proper title of video which is generally search.
  • Description: Give description about video and also put keyword inside description.
  • Video Tags (gives all keyword):Give all keywords inside tag section
  • Thumbnails
  • Video Transcript
  • Channel Authority

Offsite Factors

  • Views and Video Retention
  • Comments
  • Subscribes
  • Shares
  • Favorites
  • Thumbs Up/Down
  • Backlinks

Tips to Rank Your Video Top on YouTube Search Results

  • Writer proper Title of Video; Give keywords inside title
  • Description about video, give keywords inside description
  • Tags (gives all keyword)
  • Share on social media (facebook, twitter, google+)
  • Bookmark video url on bookmarking websites.
  • Share on blogspot
  • Ping your video url
  • Submit video URL to all search engine.

Ping your video url

Ping website are helpful to make your link or url on search engine. To ping your url use following websites;

Book Mark your video URL

Use below websites to bookmark your link or URL.

Submit video url to all search engine.

To submit your url on search engine use following link;

After doing all above activities please check your url cached by Google or any other search engine. Check url cache or not

Check Your url Cached by Google

When you make any link of your website on other website, its increase seo of your website. But these links are not beneficial for your website until that url not cache by google or other search engine. Here i will show you how to check your url is cache by search engine or not.

There are two way to check your url cache or not by search engine.

  • Direct copy your url and search on any search engine.
  • Use cache:your_urlmethod, this way show detail about your link cache like last url Cached date.


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