How To Setup Giveaway Gleam Winner For Any Website


If you are on a blogger or TouTube then in this post, I will tell you how to remove this random comment.

What Is The Random Comment Giveaway

Giveaway means that if you are giving YouTubers and logger, then the benefit and participant also benefit. we do the giveaway so that our fans stay connected to us and our subscribers and followers are big and traffic too. Today every YouTube and Blogger keep giving off to their fans so that their subscribers and views are increasing, they keep giving away every month. Giveaway lets you increase the likes of your Facebook followers can increase Twitter Followers Subscribe to the website You can get more traffic on your website. Come let us tell you how random giveaway is done and how the winner is removed.

Sign Up The Gleam Website

Visit the Gleam website and sign up for your Gmail ID

Put your name password site name and site URL in box and click in the create my account

Go to your Gmail account and click confirm my account

and More information see this video 



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