Start Audience Tracking with Facebook Analytics


Facebook offers the number of features to those who are really want to promote our business on social media platform like Facebook.

Facebook Analytics is a newer feature of Facebook for those who installed pixel code on your facebook fan helps to track your facebook fan page

It’s something different from Facebook Insights 

helps you to know behavior of your business page

The excellence of Facebook Analytics is that it demonstrates you not exactly what clients are doing on your Facebook page (which Facebook Insights did great), however, how they are acting at all phases of the business channel – on your organization Facebook page and after they abandon it to visit your site. There’s additionally an approach to incorporate disconnected and application activities in your business channel investigation.

Facebook Analytics Vs Facebook Insights

We all already heard about Facebook Insights.It easily available of the top of the facebook business page.It gives information how users are engaging with your post. Matrices that include page views, action on the page, page previews, post engagement and many more.

Facebook Analytics, on the other hand, is part of your Facebook Ad Account. For facebook analytic, you must have installed pixel code on your website. That’s because Analytics doesn’t just track user behavior on your Facebook page, but how users behave at all stages of the sales funnel. It doesn’t stop when users go to your website but track their activity there as well based on Events that you define.

Installing a Facebook Pixel

Detailed instructions -How to installed pixel code

You can choose the specific sales to funnel events you’d like to track, and there are several to choose from, including:

  • View Content
  • Purchase
  • Lead
  • Complete Registration
  • Add to Cart
  • Add to Wishlist

You can also choose to set parameters such as the type of currency and the dollar amount of the sale.

Oh, and you’ll also need to have the Chrome browser installed for use with the Facebook Pixel Helper. process, retention, or conversions.

Facebook Analytics is a newer feature that’s available to those who have the Facebook pixel installed and customized for the events the business owner wants to track.

If you’re new to Analytics, the pixel is basically a line of code you install on your website for the sake of tracking events that happen on your website – such as when someone makes a purchase after coming to your site from Facebook.


Facebook Analytics is a powerful tool that gives you the ability to view the whole information of your customers. Use it to attract and keep more customers.

To learn more about Facebook Analytics, view some of Facebook’s Quick Start Guides



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