Target Keywords to Drive More Traffic


Remember the good old days when you could just pick a high potential keyword, add it to your title, spray it all over your content and rank for it in days?

Things have changed of course.

Now I regularly see first page results that don’t feature the searched keyword at all.

For example, when I searched for the keyword “keyword reasearch” none of the top ranking results had that keyword.

Instead, they used different natural variations of that keyword like “High rank keywords” and “get high quality Keyword”

This brings me to my point.

You no longer need to stuff the exact keyword on a page to rank for it.

Instead, you can take the more natural approach by picking up a group of closely related keywords and using them naturally in your content.

Doing so would help you rank for the whole topic instead of just that particular keyword.

This is why long-form content works so well because it usually has lots of different variations of the main keyword and covers the topic from all angles.

Finding related keywords is easy.

First of all, use common sense and think of all the different terms people use to describe your topic.

For example, we use guest posting, guest blogging, guest contributions etc. interchangeably.

You can also use Google Autocomplete and Google Related Searches to come up with these keywords easily.

Tools like LSI Graph and Ubersuggest can also give you hundreds of related keywords that can be used throughout your content.

Using related keywords also helps Google understand the context of your content and allows it to rank you for the right search terms.


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