How to Use Google Trends for Keyword Research and SEO 2018


google Trands

If you are planning to seo your website then you would like to choose your keyboard only. You often use Google AdWords’s Google Keyword Planner. Today we are going to tell you about a tool that is Google’s product. You can not only remove your keyboard from him, but you can compromise the world of 2 which keywords will be good in both of them, or which of Keyword¬† Kant Will be the better

Google Trends is able to:

  • Show you trends for your keywords.
  • Help you finding content ideas.
  • Show you seasonal spikes and local differences for your keyword at a glance.

How to start

googleYou needn’t bother with a Google account keeping in mind the end goal to get to Google Trends. When you are on the site, you can enter your Keyword. In the event that you need to include different catchphrases or inquiry terms, you can isolate them by commas

Refine Your Query

As you are seeing in the image above, you can set the country of your keyword in it, you can see the details of the 12 months, you can select the category and you can set what you want to search for and also your data Can download

Collect ideas for your marketing


You can see your compromised keyword data and analyze them and see which category is being searched for the most in both the keyboards or in which country it has the highest traffic.





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