Viewing Google Analytics Data


You can start learning with website traffic as soon as you start to get Google Analytics. As you log in to your Google Analytics Account, you will see the first screen with ‘Audience Overview Report’. In case you have more than one website listed on your google analytical account, you need to choose one website from the list and then go to ‘Audience Overview Report’. This is the first time Google analytics 50 reports which will be available to you. The alternate option to access these reports would be to click on ‘Reporting Link’ from the top most option.

Basic Features of Report

The majority of the basic google analytics report will look similar to you. Next to your website listed, yon the top right, click on the drop-down arrow in order to switch to other website with your account. The alternate method is to click on the Home Link at the top.

You can change the dates by clicking on the top right in the report. To compare the data, you can also check the compare box from data range to another ranging from a month to month.

Google Analytics report offers variety of other features where you can get best insight into your website analytics. For example, if you want to view the number of session for the particular day, you can hover on the Audience overview. Clicking on the given metrics beneath the graph will provide you detail analytics.

Under the major metrics, you’ll be able to view reports. You can also switch between the report to see the different languages, browsers, operating systems, cities, and screen resolution of your visitors on the website. These demographics act as a very important detail when it comes to planning your website SEO strategy.

To view this, you can hover from one state to another. You will see a table on which you can scroll down and learn about every metrics in detailed.

To see the number of visitors from different cities, click on the name of each state. To learn more, you can click on the clickable link or hover on the ‘?’ anytime. To make it more informative to can dive deeper into the analytics.



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