How To Write A Awesome Digital Notes 2018


Digital Notes

Today I’m going to tell you about notes in this post which are digital notes or notes are Google’s product or the notes are so good that you can add video imaging tax and your drawing in here too. You can also share the data. It has a feature and it’s a great feature that is the image. With this feature, you can backup the image to which it has been written. Do not let us learn how to use it and how to create digital notes to your notes

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Digital Notes

You can edit your image on which text is written, it can be taxed, it does not take a few minutes, you do not have to use huge tools 



Create a note on the Android app And Computer You can simply start typing in the text bar that says Add Quick Note, and your Mobile Keyboard will appear. Alternatively, you can select the text,



You can also use different colours in your notes, which makes your notes even better.

Image To Text

image to text

Image to text



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