YouTube Launch 4 New Awesome Updates

YouTube seointownIf you are on a YouTube and you put your video on YouTube then this post is very useful for you. Today we are going to tell you that there are 4 updates from YouTube that are coming in the future Let’s know on YouTube Which 4 updates are about to launch

Live Captions

Youtube seointown Now, whenever you come live on your YouTube and if you speak any word then its live caption will be visible to your fans. This picture is very good, which is not going to come from the picture, people will also know who is speaking from other languages. Or they do not understand the language of their voice in that video.
Caption Tax will appear under the video where it is going where it will be a little difficult if you do not pronounce the correct pronunciation of English or if you do not speak the other language correctly, you can take this wrong amount that you just use correct English This is exactly like all the titles of movie movie

 YouTube live stream

Youtube seointown

Now whenever you live stream and your comments are done in your live stream after the comment live stream is over, the chat gets deleted but now you will see it and even your friends

Video location

youtube seointown
Now, whenever you upload a live video or video from anywhere else on your mobile, there will be a video location option, you can tell it to your friends from where you are putting this video and how much of it is in this location. Videos are inserted

 Super Chat

Youtube seointown
The super chart was only for the first Android device now it has come for Ios and a feature has arrived. In super chat, you can take money in YouTube Super Chat in more than 600 ways so far in more detail YouTube Do not tell us soon we will try to tell you in detail


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