YouTube Monetization Policy Changes New YouTubers 2018



You will be surprised to know that YouTube has changed its policy if you are on YouTube, then in 2 years, YouTube has changed its policy so that it is on YouTube that creates excessive videos and people Mislead people to remove such people

They want to remove from YouTube that will be on the older YouTube, aware that there is a lot of money being earned on YouTube nowadays, because it is happening that many advertisements have stopped putting their ads on YouTube because of their end Were appearing on video that did not show any benefit, so YouTube has now taken a new step which will be implemented in 2018 from January 20 Let’s tell you what changes in YouTube policy

When your YouTube account will open and you are going for monetization, there are some YouTube terms that will fulfill those words only if your YouTube Monetization will be on, it will not be what people used to do on their social media to turn on their YouTube monetization Used to share more so that traffic comes to YouTube and Monetization can be done but now it is not that YouTube has become quite tough

Watch Time And Subscribers


YouTube has given a 30-day notification to the old YouTube that if it completes 4,000 time-watch videos on its YouTube, monetization will be stopped
And in the future, I will open a new account on New Youtuber on YouTube, for 1,000 years, and 4000 Time Watch videos should be on their YouTube in 1 year, if they do not, their monetization will stop.


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