Youtube New Update For Youtube Creators Awesome News


youtube seointown

Here’s a lot of useful updates for YouTube, which is black to give them a lot of benefit in the future, let’s know what updates they have.

YouTube creators

Now YouTube is updating its theater score, YouTube has put YouTube in their block in their block that they will update it in the last 2017 or 2018

YouTube stamped that you can get this update in 1 week or two weeks if you want to use your old, theater studio, then you have a class Six Fix name on it, thinking it Can

This update is released on YouTube because in 2017 they launched YouTube’s beta version and people gave them good feedback and this update can be seen in the coming days.

Impressions click to rate

We will all see your video without opening it, even if the impression or your friend is seen, then the news will also be recorded. Impressions mean that if I go to YouTube and watch your video without clicking Gets an impression

Unique viewers

In this, you will find that whenever you upload your video, who are the people who watch your video every day, you can easily find out who sees your reading video.

YouTube Updates

It will tell you what improvements to your video should be made that are more beneficial to your videos and you will also be told what is happening in the latest on YouTube or what is going to be changing in this business. All things will be told to you


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